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Serdar Akkılıç was born in 1981 in Istanbul. Being an autodidact artist, Akkılıç received his painting education at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway, where he went upon a special invitation. Serdar Akkılıç, who transfers his inner world to the canvas without interference in his paintings, tries to show the struggle of man on Earth, sometimes with himself and sometimes with nature, as a subject. This difference in the works of the artist, who was generally influenced by the art of the northern countries, makes him immediately distinguishable from his contemporaries. While the works of the artist find a place in the collections of important people and institutions, he also took part in many exhibitions, both mixed and personal, apart from the various art organizations he participated in. He continues his works under the roof of RED art Istanbul.

Serdar akkılıç: Sanatçılarımız
Serdar akkılıç: Pro Gallery
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